Who are we?

We are basically an online technical support company which offers quick and easy and assistance for troubleshooting all technical issues related to the HP Printer. Be it wireless or laser, our certified engineers promise to deliver quality assistance for each of such devices. Moreover, we assure that you we troubleshoot most of the problems online via calls, chats or emails.

What information do we collect from the users?

When users try to connect us, we ask a few basic details. Our details include name, email ID, contact number etc… When you enter these details, we keep them in our data base for further usage.

Why we collect your information?

Since it is one of the frequently asked questions, we would like to clear it out here. We collect some of your basic info details because we want to personalize the user experience, and your information helps us to do the same. It also helps in improving our website and makes it user-friendly. Moreover, the information also helps to increase the customer service experience as our response will become ever more personalized.

How we keep your information private?

Though we keep few of the basic details of our customers on our data base, we make sure that your information is kept safely and securely. We, at no cost, disclose that information to any third party clients. Also, after any transactions that you have made, your private details such as credit or debit card numbers or details are automatically removed, and we do not have any access to them. So, you can feel safe while transacting with us.

How we take the remote access?

In order to troubleshoot most of your problems and technical bugs, we need to take the remote access of your system. However, we can only do that if you allow us to do. Without your permission, we cannot and will never be able to do remote access troubleshooting. So, only if the user gives us the permission of that, we can take the remote access.

How to contact us?

Getting in touch with our team of experts is quite simple and easy. All you need to do is to call us at our specified helpline number. As soon as you call, you will be connected with our team of experts who will guide you to fix the matter once and for all. In case, you have any other queries that are related to our terms and conditions; you can get things clear from our customer service team.